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Saturday, 23. November 2013

Egyptian Startup Integreight Looks To Crowdfund Its Award-winning Arduino Shield
By richardsobers906, 04:18

Typically, these shields are expensive, but with 1Sheeld, Integreight built an all-in-one solution that allows Arduino to connect to a smartphone, which can then operate as a variety of shields, using 1Sheeld's mobile app. The cost of shields is was the main inspiration for Islam Mustafa, one of Integreights co-founders and the executive manager of the startups technology department, to develop 1Sheeld. His struggle with buying the necessary shields to make Arduino usable inspired him to begin work on an all-in-one solution. 1Sheeld will cost $40 USD, but if purchased through Kickstarter, it'll only cost $20 USD. The team hopes the Kickstarter campaign will facilitate the products journey from initial design to commercialization. They intend to put the first batch on the global market, especially the U.S., after producing it at NOA Labs in China. This isn't the first round of funding Integreight has received; the company closed its first investment round led by the accelerator and incubator Flat6Labs , followed six months later by a second round led by Cairo Angels . A month ago, Integreight joined the startup project incubator TIEC (the Technology Innovation and Entreprepreneurship Center), also located in Egypt. The Kickstarter campaign is an attempt to crown the success the team achieved in the Arabia Pavilion at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 conference, held last month in Berlin. During the conference, 1Sheeld won the audience choice award, giving it the opportunity to participate in the Battlefield contest.

Martin Scorsese, ?Hoop Dreams? Director Steve James to Crowdfund Roger Ebert Documentary

?Catching Fire? Box Office Behind Original ?Hunger Games? in U.S. – Still Blazing Everywhere Else All of us here are intrigued by the story of 2BR02B. It asks questions that all of us can understand; how far would you go for your family? Are we logical or emotional creatures? What is going to happen to our future?

'Do You Really Want Dumb Money?' Barry Schuler, On Crowdfund Equity's Dark Sides

James is already editing the film, which he shot over the past year. The director, whose 1994 Hoop Dreams documentary received crucial support from Ebert and fellow Chicago film critic Gene Siskel, will use some of the money to finish the film. However, the campaigns primary purpose is building a supportive community around the film before it opens in theaters. Anyone who contributes $25 to Indiegogo will get to see see the documentary before anyone else via a private stream. The movie will bow theatrically next year and air on CNN, but the movies initial fans will get a peek before that happens. They will also receive exclusive rewards akin to the normal swag and thanks offered by other crowdfunding campaigns. See video: Indiegogo Co-Founder Hollywood Will Permanently Adopt Crowdfunding (Video) We had in our minds that at some point later in the process wed like to do a crowdfunding campaign to help with finishing costs, but, more importantly, to tap into the community out there of people who love Roger, James told TheWrap .

2BR02B: Young Film Makers Team Up with a-List Actor to Crowdfund Film Version of Kurt Vonnegut's Timeless Short Story

Equity and crowdfunding expert David Drake, founder of The Soho Loft, weighed in with me on these little understood challenges for crowdfund equity investors as well. Drake noted Facebook Facebook stock (an example that was illustrated in the popular Facebook movie) as an example of the point Schuler is raising. The way Facebook partner Sevarin was removed (and the resulting lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg) is a classic case of stock dilution. Imagine the firm issues 1 billion shares of stock after your initial investment and dilutes you out of a meaningful return or voting position for your original shares? The corporation A Small World is another illustrative example Drake raisedin a later stage fundraise the company issued shares of stock as convertible debt. In tough times, the loan to own lender exercised its right to convert its position to stock at a reduced valuation and took control of the companysomething the original partners had never intended. Drake describes the loan to own strategy as one that is familiar in the real estate arena, but much less familiar to start up entrepreneurs who are looking to raise funds within the crowd funding space. The debt a company incurs in a loan to own investment is senior to stock, which means that original investors lose their property when the company fails to pay on the loan.

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