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Crowdfunding Record: Secucloud Financed Faster Than Any Other Startup In Europe
By richardsobers906, 15.11.2013, 22:04

Crowdfunding launch for the Panono throwable panorama camera

With it, Secucloud replaces the standard security software on each individual device, which is often implemented poorly or not kept updated. In the future, every Secucloud client will be able to achieve high security standards similar to those of large businesses at an extremely reasonable price and without putting in the effort for maintenance and updates.

Crowd-funding fuels thriving Ottawa indie game industry

aI was thinking, if I really squeezed the budget I could get the game done for $12,000. I was hoping for $30,000, $40,000 or $50,000 to give a little bit of breathing room,a said Sylvester, adding that the pace at which the campaignas donations surpassed his economy expectations was a little surreal.

View all Created by Jonas Pfeil and team, Panonos multi-lensed ball looks more like a Jedi training ball or paintball grenade than a camera. Initially developed in 2011 as a large green prototype , the latest iteration is significantly smaller. Specifications for the Panono show it to have a diameter of 4.33 in (around 11 cm), with a weight of 0.66 lb (300 g). The body of the ball is made of clear plastic, which the designers claim is water-resistant, and is tough enough to survive being dropped a few times.

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