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Apparently Now People ?crowdfund? Their Moves To Nyc
By richardsobers906, 18.11.2013, 06:15

One of the recent migrants admitted as much. The moneys gone.It went very quickly. Shes got ideas, though: She is now booking dance students from social dancing forays and from her website,, and producing paintings she hopes to sell. Her boyfriend who landed a $1,900 a month apartment has helped her out and while she is not yet able to pay her share, she plans to remain. If youre willing to live in the boroughs, you can make it work, said Nail.

'Do You Really Want Dumb Money?' Barry Schuler, On Crowdfund Equity's Dark Sides

Traditionally, early investors receive preferred stock that ensures their money is first out in a liquidation, and would have pro-rata rights to participate in new rounds to prevent their dilution. Also, Schuler notes, for at least the early phases of equity crowdfunding, he imagines VCs would look askance at a company that comes to the table with 100 unsophisticated investors in tow. Equity and crowdfunding expert David Drake, founder of The Soho Loft, weighed in with me on these little understood challenges for crowdfund equity investors as well. Drake noted Facebook Facebook stock (an example that was illustrated in the popular Facebook movie) as an example of the point Schuler is raising.

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